Participatory Chinatown - gra wideo wspierająca planowanie miejskie


Czytając “Transparent Government: What It Means and How You Can Make It Happen” natrafiłem na projekt Participatory Chinatown. Jest to projekt biura New Urban Mechanics miasta Bostonu polegający na stworzeniu gry wideo, mającej angażować mieszkańców w proces planowania Chinatown pozwalając im się wcielić w różne role, osób słabiej reprezentowanych w procesach planowania: młodych, niedawnych imigrantów.

Cytując autora książki:

Players within the game took on the role of different avatars representative of the neighborhood - ranging correpondingly in terms of income, race, family size, and, of course, community needs. In a virtual environment simulating Boston’s Chinatown, players completed tasks such as finding a job, a house, and a place to socialize. After these tasks, they were then asked to assess and rank developmental priorities.
What made Participatory Chinatown more than a just video game but in fact an exercise in open goverment was the way the feedback from the players was collected and use. The game was played in groups of community members and structured around a combination of “physical deliberation, virtual interaction, and Web-based input”. Players had the opportunity to discuss their personal opinions regarding how the future of Chinatown should be shaped, both in small groups of their fellow citizens and with representatives from the city as well. Every one of their comments was recorded and shared with the decision makers of the project.

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