Nettito Air Monitor 0.3.2. Monitorowanie wilgotnośći a gorączki podgrzaneho powietrzia


Ahojte, ospravedlňujem sa že nepoznám poľský jazyk, takže budem písať v iných. Mam záujem objednať niekoľko kusov Nettigo Air Monitor 0.3.2 Kit, ale mám dôležitú otázku: potrebujem vedieť či sa dá zasielať dáta o teplote a vlhkosti vzduchu nie iba vonku, ale aj po ohrievaniju vzduchu. Keď chápem to dobré, stanica monitorovania kvality ovzdušia Nettigo Air Monitor 0.3.2 ma Bosch BME280 a zároveň aj Sensirion SHT30. Chcem vedieť či sa dá dostať prístup ku dátam zo SHT30 v rámci firmware a zároveň či sa dá spoliehať na dáta z neho ako správne dáta o zohrietom vzduchu.

To znamená že potrebujem vedieť dve teploty(hladného a ohrieteho vzduchu) a dve vlhkosti(hladného a ohrieteho vzduchu). Ďakujem za odpoveď.

Hi! I’m sorry, I don’t know Polish, so I will write in other languages. I have an interest in ordering a few pieces of Nettigo Air Monitor 0.3.2 Kit, but I have an important question: I need to know if it is possible to gather information about the air temperature and humidity not only outside the station, but after it has already heated the air. IF i understand correctly, Nettigo Air Monitor 0.3.2 air quality monitoring station has Bosch BME280 (for outside air) and Sensirion SHT30 (for heated air). I need to know if it is possible to access the Sensirion SHT30 data from inside the station firmware, as well as if I can count on it’s data as correctly representing the humidity and temperature of the heated air.

This means I need to know two temperature values (of the cold and heated air) and two humidity values (of the cold and heated air). Thank you for your answer.

Привет. Извиняюсь, что не знаю польский язык, поэтому буду писать на других языках. У меня есть интерес заказать несколько наборов Nettigo Air Monitor 0.3.2 Kit, в связи с чем у меня есть важный вопрос: мне нужно знать, смогу ли я собирать данные о температуре и влажности воздуха не только снаружи станции, но также и после подогрева воздуха. Если я правильно понимаю, станция мониторинга качества воздуха Nettigo Air Monitor 0.3.2 имеет датчик Bosch BME280 (для наружного воздуха) и датчик Sensirion SHT30 для нагретого. Мне нужно знать, возможно ли получить доступ к данным SHT30 изнутри прошивки станции, а также можно ли относиться к ним как корректно отражающим температуру и влажность подогретого воздуха.

Это означает, что меня интересуют два значения влажности (снаружи и после подогрева) и два значения температуры воздуха (снаружи и после подогрева). Спасибо за ответ!


Yes, you have access to heated air temperature and humidity inside firmware.
Line in firmware sourcecode: L1780


Thanks! Can I regard the data as a reliable source of heated air humidity and temperature, considered the physical position of the SHS sensor? Has someone made any attempts to measure the humidity and temperature closer to the inlet of SDS011, was there any measurable difference?

As I understand correctly, SHT31 and SHT35 are not currently supported…


I compared 2 sensors ( with and without heater ) - difference was ca 30%, during foggy day more than 60%
Sorry I didn’t collect any figures about that.
How the heater works and comparison between BME280 and heated air You can see for example here


We use SHT30 for HECA. It’s the same library, so as long you use 0x45 address (0x44 is reserved for HECA) everything should work ok.

And of course you need to add additional lines to code to handle reading from SHT. It’s on my TODO list for such a long time… sorry for that.

SHT30, SHT31, SHT35 use the same library. The only difference is in accuracy of those sensors. In most situations SHT31 is accurate enough to use it as Citizen Science tool.

In outdoor environment I strongly recommend DIS-F variant with PTFE membrane covering the sensor.

You may also be interested in this experimental multi-sensor: Dokładny czujnik wilgotności, temperatury, ciśnienia i może CO2 i VOC?

I simply put SHT31, BMP388 and CCS811 on one board :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!

@mich777, thanks for your reply. What maximum relative humidity of the heated air do you get in your station? Does it ever get higher than 70% after heating? Higher than 80%?

@irukard, this is really interesting. I am somewhat skeptical that I will be able to put the VOC sensor to good use, considering all the issues of inability to calibrate them. But interesting nevertheless… Have you got any positive experience out of using VOC sensors outdoors? If I understood the corresponding forum thread correctly, your new SHT31+BMP388+CCS811 replacement board for BME280 in NAM with all the three sensors is not currently available for sale or pre-sale… I would be glad if you will inform me when it will become available.

Is there any timeline available for the SHT31+BMP388+CCS811 board development/release?


The humidity was never hingher than 65%
Our friend irukard know every detail about that