Cannot connect to nettigo air monitor in local network


I need your help. I have a nettigo air monitor station (since September 2020) and so far, I am very happy with it.
Back in September I was able to set it up without many problems (one or two problems translating polish to english, but otherwise everything was fine).
The station is working and sending data: Grafana and Air quality - Sagedergasse 21A

Now, I wanted to directly access my station again, but it doesn’t work. I tried accessing the sensor by http://nam-4963598.local/ but it does not work. Neither does http://feinstaubsensor-4963598.local/ work. I also tried accessing all the dynamic the ip adressess i found using arp -a, but also no success.

I take it that 4963598 is my sensor ID as this was what i saved when I initially set up the sensor and it is also found as the id in the grafana and the homepages. So I guess I should be able to connect to my sensor with it but it does not work.

If you could help me with my problem, that would be great!

Kind regards,